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3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Care About Clean

3 Reasons Why Your Company Should Care About Clean

Does it really matter where cleanliness comes in on the priority list of your company? After all, making sure targets, objectives, and missions are accomplished is at the forefront of every business, right? Indeed, the operations of your organization create a long list of to-do’s and priorities. Making sure your company not only cares about cleanliness, but achieves it, affects and overlaps with many of the company objectives. Here’s how:

  1. Brand Promotion - A strong brand in the mind of a customer is one of the top priorities of an organization. The key to not only having a strong brand, but to keep it, as to associate the brand to cleanliness and order. If you have a beautiful brand image on the side of your truck, but mud and roadway debris is covering it, not only is your brand image lost, but it is negatively affected in the mind of a consumer. Given the frequency which a brand touchpoint occurs while your fleet or equipment is performing its duties, it pays to always have a clean unit and to regularly schedule proper cleaning activities for maximum brand promotion at all times.
  2. Safe Work Environment - No matter what industry or market your company operates in, providing a safe environment both for the customer and your employees is the most important aspect. Every member of your team should go home the same way they came to work, with no injury or incident. To make this happen, a safe environment is the result of a clean environment. Eliminating slips can be attained by using degreasers. Cleaning and clearing of mud and debris can make sure walking paths of travel are trip free. Lastly, organized shops and facilities will declutter and help avoid unintended spills, preventing slips. While there are many ways to create a safe environment, starting with clean will get you there the quickest. 
  3. Lengthening Life of Tools and Equipment - Caring about clean affects the bottom line as well. A well maintained truck, tool, or equipment helps extend the life and results in greater cost savings versus poor maintenance and replacement of parts and objects. Making sure all aspects of your tools and equipment go through proper checks and regularly scheduled inspections, coupled with actionable cleaning applications, will help your organization gain control of variable and unexpected maintenance and replacement costs. 

At this point it is clear: Caring about clean is caring about your company. The impacts of developing actionable and scaleable cleaning solutions will impact your brand, work environment, and bottom line in a variety of ways, all in the pursuit of attaining your company’s mission and objections. Promote cleanliness in your organization to ensure you reap the benefits!

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