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Who We Are

Our Story

The origins of Bosh Chemical began over 15 years ago as a service provider to the railway industry. While providing fleet and equipment projects through railroad maintenance operations services, we realized the potential of focusing on industrial cleaning chemicals to enhance business operations and ultimately adding value to fleet and equipment, facilities, and other service markets. Our passion for clean is fueled by first hand knowledge in the field working as a contractor and supplier. This perspective puts us in a unique position to not only understand industry demands, but to be able to truly grasp the opportunity of utilizing industrial cleaning chemical formulations for the added value of business operations. When we say "Made by industry professionals, for industry professionals", we mean it. Simply put, we care about clean!

Today we operate as an integrated, full value-chain company - from development, via manufacturing at our operations facility, to marketing, sales and distribution to consumers nationally through a variety of channels; via numerous digital platforms, traditional outbound, educational channels and as much direct interaction and engagement with industrial chemical users everywhere as possible. We also try our best to be a great company to work for; fun, fulfilling and always challenging as we compete in a results driven industry for the trust and partnership of our consumers. Together, we will "Make Things New Again" through our product and service offerings.

Our Values

  • Service-Oriented - Our goal is to create exceptional value for our customers. Whatever we can do to enhance the experience of our customers, we will be flexible and nimble to meet the needs. Whether it is working together for additional product offerings, or creating customized formulations to meet specific needs, we put service first. 
  • Results-Driven - We must deliver every day and in every way to earn the trust of our customers and service partners. With that, performance in regards to quality and schedule are always at our forefront. We understand our customers have a choice, and we make sure we earn their business by executing and performing above expectations. 
  • Quality-Conscious - When it comes to offering a quality service, we strive to deliver the greatest quality for all product offerings. We manage quality assurance methodically, to ensure what we create adds to customer value and delivers the largest impact.

Our Commitment

We promise to always put service first, as to ensure we execute our operations as seamlessly as possible for the direct integration and adoption of our product offerings. Further, we will ensure the highest possible quality standards are not only met, but achieved order after order, for the greatest value of our customer. Lastly, we will achieve our objectives by continuing to empower the workforce and network of the communities and environments with which we operate.